Deep Creek Lake Part 1

Just like clock-work, we are having major lake withdrawals since coming back home from our 3 week vacation in heaven. And by we, I mainly mean me. My kids sure miss the lake, but they are loving life being reunited with their next door neighbor buddies again who, by the way, are leaving us in a week to move to CA... I can't even think about it too long or I start to cry! Any way, I am happy to be home, but I do miss being at the lake and having my kids run wild in nature from morning until night with their cousins, stopping only to ask me for the occasional chips or soda for me to open. I miss swimming in the lake with my kids and going to secret beach. And outdoor movie nights. And ice cream trips. Morning wake surfing and water-skiing. Late night Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party. Tubing and sea-dooing. Swimming and laying out and good conversation. Family meals and donuts by the fire.... and never having to worry about cooking! I am missing that a lot. But mostly just being with my family everyday. We are really lucky to all be really close with each other and get to see each other every year like we do... it's the best. 

Here are some pics from our trip. I am going to relive this vacation as long as I can through my blog, so I hope you enjoy it too!

Rose was the luckiest baby to be spoiled and adored by so many the whole time! I feel like I rarely held her much because she was often grabbed by somebody as soon as I brought her downstairs from her naps! She was loving life at the lake.

Tubing hair!

Hans didn't take any set naps on the trip, and for the most part he didn't need any, but there were a few days I found him passed out like this in a random place. Partied too hard.

Big cousins day with Papa and Gigi to hike Swallow Falls and do some mild cliff jumping into the river. They had a blast!

That smirk cracks me up

Vinny was so brave with tubing this year! He went on a couple fast rides with the big boys and even got through off once and came out happy!

Making pioneer crafts for Pioneer day

Hans wins the award for bravest 2 year old in our family at the lake. He would ask for his life jacket and a swim diaper, and then I'd watch him as he marched down to the dock (sometimes by himself) and would just jump right in! He loved swimming in the lake!

Love this funny girl!

Hans' smile :)

The best thing about the lake is that it brings everyone of all ages together. You'll see the oldest cousins playing with the youngest cousins because they can all do a lot of the same activities. It's awesome. 

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