How Dressing Your Kids Cute May Actually Improve Your Life

I read a funny article once a long time ago that shared tips on how to control your patience as a mom with young kids and one of the tips was dressing your kids everyday in a way that you think is cute so that when they are acting not-so-cute then you are more likely to keep your cool because they look cute to you. Not that they needed to be expensive or even fashionable, but mainly, clean clothes (not pajamas) and freshly done hair. There's some psychological component behind it and I think (maybe) it's backed by science.....but anyway, as a mom of five who often allowed pajama wearing all day long (hello! no need to even change for bed, it's brilliant!) I had found my patience to be tested in ways they have never been tested before so I thought I would give this tip a real consistent try and I can tell you from my own personal experiment on this theory, that it does indeed make a noticeable difference! 

  The article mentioned that when your kids are dressed cute you're more likely to give them greater affection, less likely to overreact when they do something wrong, and both you and them feel and act better. I definitely found this to be true, but I also discovered something more. I found that there is something mentally rewarding about getting every single one of my kids dressed (down to the baby) and looking put together for the day (even if I'm not going anywhere) that gives a small sense of accomplishment and pride. That simple accomplishment sets the tone for my day encouraging me to do one productive task after another, in a snowball effect of making me feel like more of a rockstar mom. Basically all the same benefits to making your bed every morning
It just works, trust me.

And no, I don't dress my kids in church clothes every day... I just wanted to share Sunday's photos of these munchkins and also wanted to note that being consistent with this habit has also improved our timeliness to places like church for example, because I will often pick out the kids clothes the night before and have them ready to go so getting ready the next morning is stress-free and happens quickly. Also, I'm pretty sure I've noticed a difference in the attitude of my kids after they are dressed and looking good. They may do it begrudgingly, but I see a little skip in their step after they look in the mirror.

And then when I find pee all over the toilet seat because Frankie didn't lift it after the thousandth time of me reminding him to, or when Vinny spills the entire glass of chocolate milk that I just poured for him seconds after I told him to be careful not to spill, or when Hans wakes up Rose 30 minutes into her nap by running into her room to play hide and seek, or when I'm doing laundry and find nail polish all over one of Jayne's brand new dresses because she decided to paint her nails that one time I was taking a nap...

I'm a mom that can usually keep my cool. I'm not like a regular mom,
I'm a cool mom. ;)

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