We had our fourth annual Disneyland trip this year! Once again, it was completely magical and amazing. Disneyland, man... they know what they're doing, and they do it right. I was in heaven getting to spend two full days with Steve and the kids, just having FUN! My sister Lauren and her family tagged along as well which made it even more of a party. I love how happy and giddy the kids are at Disneyland, and I love that it's something we get to all do and enjoy together. This year was Rosie girl's first time which made it that much more special too. I was really impressed with Hans this year, who missed out on a lot of the rides his big brothers got to go on, but was a good sport with little to no complaining. It was really sweet to see him get so into the Disney characters! He was really excited about meeting Mater and McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, and even Tinkerbell :) which was a nice distraction when the big kids went on the bigger rides. 

The second day at California Adventure, our friends the Neilson's met up for part of the afternoon. It was so fun to see them and for the kids to ride on a few rides together. Etta convinced Jayne to go on California Screaming, and she did it! She was so excited about it after and couldn't want to tell all her friends at school. Vinny and Frank especially loved Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I loved the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, and I think Steve's favorite ride was probably the rocking ferris wheel, because he was thoroughly enjoying watching me and Jayne freaking out from our fear of heights (I think Jayne screamed that she was going to throw up probably 100 times)... never again. We had wonderful weather, spent way too much money on churros (why do they have to be so good?), and left happy. 

Disneyland, we love you!!!

(My hair totally looks like I'm rocking hot pink but it's just reflecting off the umbrella)

We met up with our friends the Neilson's on Sunday for church, the beach, swimming, and dinner at their home after. It was so wonderful to see them and spend time together. They are the greatest friends. I think the kids enjoyed seeing them more than even going Disneyland and it was honestly what they most talked about and looked forward to. We miss them so much! 

Rose tagged along in nursery. She loved it and acted like she owned the place with her foot propped up during snack time. 


Love this girl so much!!! 

These pics below are from our very first beach day when we got into CA on Saturday afternoon. It was so chilly but the kids didn't care and were just so excited to play in the ocean and sand. Even Rose went to town and was covered head to toe by the end.

Until next year!

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