It's a BOY!

Thrilled to announce another baby BOY will be joining our family! We considered waiting to find out the gender at the delivery, but I just really love to know beforehand. We were having lake withdrawals and just needing something to brighten the day, so we piled up in the car and went to the nearest clinic we could find. It was special having all the kids there this go around (Kate came with us too!) and nice that nobody had too strong of preferences. I was pretty convinced we were having a girl only because I was the most sick I've ever felt with any of my pregnancies, so it was a fun surprise to find out it was a boy!!! We celebrated with donuts after, and they all shared a boy name they like and something they are most excited to do with him when he gets here. It made me feel like this boy might just be the luckiest boy in all the land. 


Deep Creek Lake Video

Some fun videos from our time at the lake 



There's a farm just a short drive from our lake house that offers horse back riding, so one afternoon we piled on the bus and drove over to spend a day riding horses. I was pretty surprised they let 7 and up ride solo on a big horse! It was a little frightening imagining one of those horses bucking or taking off full speed with little Vinny on top. Thankfully they are pretty tame and everyone had a great and safe ride. The little ones also got to ride ponies around a track, which was really fun to see! Even little Rosie got to have a few turns. It was funny seeing her little tiny body up top this big horse, but she loved it!


Garrett County Fair

Another fun year at the fair. It just seems to get better and better as these cousins get older. They have such a blast going on ride after ride together. A huge thunderstorm rolled in just as we were leaving. We ran under a tent and some of the kids played in the rain and got completely drenched. It wasn't letting up so we all just made a mad dash to the bus in the pouring rain and were completely soaked. Definitely something they will remember. So many pictures. It was a great day.