eighteen months

My three favorite things about this little lovely at 18 months: 

she waves hi to everyone she sees, even strangers on our walks

she still loves to nurse and it makes me so happy and still keeps her "little" for me

she's started calling me "nonny" instead of non and I love it

Three funny quirks: 

she can barely talk but will tell me she's "poopoo" anytime she poos 

she says "die" instead of "bye" which is a little morbidly comical when she's waving and shouting "die, dad!!! die!!!" as he leaves for work 

she is obsessed with shoes and will put on any she can find and surprisingly gets them on the right feet 99% of the time

Our lives would not be as sweet without you in it. We love you, Rose!!


Mother's Day 2018

Luckiest mom in the world

Preschool Spring Program and Graduation for Frankie and Emory!  

Sweet Jayne and her pencil placement 

Snuggles with my Hansie boy 

Crazy girl at the boys soccer practice 

Big helpers in the yard 
Those cheeks lips, eyes, piggies, toddler chub.... I just can't 

Last day preschool!

From Jayne

Mother-daughter luncheon at BYU is always a treat I look forward to 

State champs!!! 

Always so proud of our Coach Steve!!!

Sunday bike ride around campus 

And family bike ride to Hokulia! Quite the full bucket!

Stopped by Jayne's science presentation. She always loves to show off her baby sis.

Celebrated Uncle Jayson's bday

early morning selfie 

my best baby girl 

bedtime yoga 

mother's day program 

soccer practice downpour!!! 

Caught this girl pre-snooze.. she looked drunk! lol 

Daddy-daughter dance! Big day for our oldest. I remember going to this with my dad when I was a little girl. Such a fun memory that I hope will be the same for Jayne. 

Bike ride with Hans 

Showing me his cool tricks! 

Daddy-son date to get Vinny's (and Steve's) favorite... wings!

Mr. Hans being very thorough with his vacuuming chores 

Vinny's end of the year school play! One in English and one in Chinese class below:

Family time visiting graves of loved ones. The kids made Grandpa Frank some artwork. 

Lucky Frankie getting to spend some time with Dad at his office!

A true Richards offspring wearing underwear on her head 

Cousin time at Crystals

Looking good in yellow at our ward cookie walk

Elyse's graduation! Where has the time gone..... 

Celebrated with a family dinner at Sundance sans kids... definitely worth documenting. 

May was a good one!