sunday images

little beauty

love this. love her.

check out those teeth!

t-rex arms, ha!

little guy is so close to walking!

did i tell you about my new shoes? oh i did?? ok, good. moving on....

pan de queso

and smoothies o' course

we found a little jungle gym... jayne holding on for dear life

you knew it was coming!

kids joined in on the fun this time!

jayne's face in bottom right corner

even doggy made a special appearance


Kate Magleby said...

I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!! I want to come and visit so badly!!! You should take a video of Jaynie singing that song that she sang for me yesterday and put it on the blog. SO freaking cute!

ashley schmutz said...

your hair is amazing! i love your cute little fam!